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Complete Guide to Correctly Maintaining Your Wetsuit

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Keep Your Neoprene in Shape with Proper Maintenance!

Imagine this scenario: a sunny morning, perfect waves and your board ready for action. But wait, have you thought about the condition of your wetsuit?

A well-maintained wetsuit not only keeps you warm and comfortable in the water, but also prolongs its lifespan. In this guide, you’ll dive into the art of wetsuit maintenance, with practical tips to ensure your wetsuit is always in top condition.

Understanding your wetsuit materials

Before we dive into maintenance, it’s essential to understand what your suit is made of. Neoprene, a synthetic material derived from rubber, is the standard choice for wetsuits because of its ability to insulate and keep you warm. However, its care requires special attention.

These suits are made from a specific blend of materials that provide the properties needed to keep users comfortable in the water.:


  • The main component of neoprene is polychloroprene rubber. This synthetic material is known for its ability to insulate heat and provide flotation in the water. The density and composition of neoprene rubber can vary to suit different conditions and uses.

Inner Laminate:

  • Nylon, elastane or polyester laminate: This fabric has several functions, such as providing comfort to the wearer, facilitating entry and exit of the suit, and improving wear resistance.


  • Kevlar or Supratex reinforcements: To increase strength and durability in high wear areas, such as knees and elbows, reinforcements made of materials such as Kevlar or Supratex are used. These reinforcements protect against abrasion and extend the life of the suit..

How to clean your Neoprene

Step by Step: Keep Your Wetsuit Fresh

  • Immediate Rinse: After each session, rinse your neoprene with fresh water to remove salt and sand. This simple step prevents corrosion and premature wear.
  • Clean with Warm Water and Mild Detergent: Occasionally, fill a bathtub with warm water and add a mild detergent. Immerse your suit and rub gently with your hands. Avoid using harsh detergents that may damage the neoprene.
  • Air drying: Never dry your suit directly in the sun or use heat sources such as radiators. Hang it on a thick hanger in a shady and well ventilated place.

Repair and Damage Prevention

Patches and Zippers: Maintaining the Integrity of Your Suit

  • Immediate Repair: If you notice any holes or tears, make repairs immediately. Use neoprene patches and special glue to maintain the integrity of your wetsuit.
  • Regular Inspection: Before each use, inspect your wetsuit for potential problems. Pay attention to seams, zippers and any signs of wear.
  • Proper Storage: Store your wetsuit hanging and avoid folding it to prevent creases and deformation. Use padded hangers to keep its shape.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Your Wetsuit

Protecting your Investment: Maintenance Tips

  • Avoid Contact with Rough Surfaces: When dressing and undressing, be sure to do so on a smooth surface to avoid scratches and damage.
  • Don’t Use Sunscreen on Neoprene: Sunscreen can damage neoprene, so apply it before putting on your suit.
  • Rotate wetsuits: If you surf frequently, consider having several wetsuits to rotate. This allows each one to rest and dry completely between sessions.

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Your Neoprene, Your Responsibility!

In conclusion, proper wetsuit maintenance not only prolongs the life of your wetsuit, but also enhances your experience in the water. Follow these practical tips and your wetsuit will always be ready to face the waves, get ready to enjoy more comfortable sessions and prolong the life of your wetsuit with proper maintenance!

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